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Emmebi was founded over fifty years ago, commencing its history as a craftsmanship workshop in the heart of Brianza, an area nestled between Milan and Lake Como, the traditional birthplace of Italian contemporary furniture.

Since its creation Emmebi has strived for the highest quality standards both in terms of materials and of workmanship with a profound objective for excellence inherent in the company.

2022 signifies a major turning point for Emmebi.

The company has been acquired with a majority stake by a group of investors with a keen interest and know-how in the furnishing business sector. This new structure implies, for Emmebi, an ever-more international presence with a strong importance given to an atelier approach, collaborations with young and upcoming designers, production innovation and a steady growth prospect.

Although with an industrial core, Emmebi continues to take advantage of its flexible approach and technological know-how to retain a sartorial and tailor-made attitude, ensuring that each client need is met with efficiency and versatility both in terms of bespoke furnishings and joinery as in modifications to the standard collection.

Personalisation is evermore ensured by maintaining a completely in-house production process and further through the large choice of finishes and materials available for both individual homes and contract projects ranging from hospitality to residential and commercial spaces.

The Emmebi Collection is not only about design; it is the creative expression of a lifestyle.