Italian Design Excellence

Since its creation Emmebi has strived for the highest quality standards both in terms of materials and of workmanship with a profound objective for excellence inherent in the company.

Made in Italy

Each furnishing in the Emmebi Collection is exclusively ‘Made in Italy’ uniting innovation and tradition to create coherent designs. Starting from the project and style to the actual production the entire process is followed by a highly skilled team ensuring that each Emmebi furnishing is functional and long-lasting, thanks to the quality of the design and materials


Although with an industrial core, Emmebi takes advantage of its flexible approach and technological know-how to retain a sartorial and tailor-made attitude, ensuring that each client need is met with efficiency and versatility both in terms of bespoke furnishings and joinery as in modifications to the standard collection. Emmebi works closely with architects, interior designers, and end clients to design furnishings for homes that are filled with elegance and character.


The Essence of Bespoke Italian Design

With respect for the past and a keen eye for the future Emmebi’s production is the result of long-standing collaborations with renowned designers as well as collaborations with new, upcoming young designers produced in the company owned plant in the territory of Brianza on the outskirts of Milan.

Craftsmanship & research

Our Designers work on bespoke design solutions with the creative input of partner architects and interior designers. From complex day systems to stylish beds to creating the ideal wardrobe, Emmebi’s strength lies in the craftsmanship, technology and research of materials and finishes.

Social responsability

Our commitment towards the environment is ensured by creating furnishings that last throughout time as well as respecting natural resources and materials in our production phases.